British Museum

The British Museum

See the world under one roof. This all time favourite is a treasure trove of artifacts from  all over the world.

The British physician and naturalist, Dr Hans Sloane (1660-1753) had amassed a massive collection of 71,000 artifacts, 40,000 books, and several thousand prints and manuscripts. Worried that the collection would be broken up upon this death he bequeathed the collection to King George II for the nations at the sum of  £20,000 and in 1753 the British Museum was born.

The first of a new kind of museum. Free to the public and not owned by neither King nor Church.  Later on the library section was moved to establish the British Library and the natural selection is the foundation of the National History Museum. The British Museum’s collection has grown over the years and has today reached 8 million artifacts. About 80.000 are on display.

Don’t worry! On a guided tour of the British Museum you will not be shown everything single object!!

A guided tour of the British Museum will take you to ancient Greece to see the wonderful  Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon in Athens. We will visit with the Mummies from Egypt and hear the stomach churning description of mummification. Marvel over how a tiny nugget of gold became a piece of ceremonial clothing 3000 years ago and laugh at  the tiny detailed Chess Men from Lewis who was the inspiration for a game of life and death  in Harry Potter. Who ever said museums had to be boring!.