Westminster Abbey

 Westminster Abbey

A guided tour of Westminster Abbey is a must on any travellers bucket list and as a Blue Badge Tourist Guide it is a great privilege to be able to show you this magnificent church.

The history of Westminster Abbey is over a 1000 years old. Once the home a group of benedictine monks, today the final resting place for over 3300 people.

This wonderful old church has seen every coronation since 1066 and 16 royal weddings, the last one being the wedding of Will and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The present church dates from 1245 and was begun by Henry III. Its one of the most important gothic buildings in the country and at its heart, the shrine to St Edward the Confessor.

Westminster Abbey is the final resting place for 17 monarchs including Queen Mary, Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of Scots and King Henry VII.

On a tour of Westminster Abby you will see the Coronation Chair and hear about Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation, visit the grave of the Unknown Warrior and hear the moving story behind it. Enjoy Poets Corner where Charles Dickens is buried much against his own will and see the memorials to William Shakespeare, the Bronte Sisters and the grave of Geoffrey Chaucer, the father of English Poetry amongst others.

In Scientist Corner you will hear about those great individuals whose inquisitive minds have helped the world today. Sir Issac Newton, inventor of the reflective telescope, Charles Darwin who wrote On the Origin of Species and Matthew Bolton, the pioneer of the Industrial Revolution.

The crowing glory of any visits to Westminster Abbey is Henry VII beautiful Lady Chapel with its stunning ceiling and beautiful and modern stained glass window. Old and new meet each other here.

Next year, 2018 will be an exiting year for Westminster Abbey. The Queens Jubilee Galleries are due to open in the Triforium. Hidden to to the public for  nearly 700 years these new galleries, 70 meters above the Abbey floor, will showcase items from the Abbey’s rich and varied thousand year history.

Please note that there are time restrictions for visiting Westminster Abbey.

Tickets are not included in my  fee and can be bought on the day.